Lifting Beams

  • Quality Spreader Beam and Lifting Beam

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    Quality Spreader Beam and Lifting Beam

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  • Overhead Crane Steel Coil C Type Hook

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    Overhead Crane Steel Coil C Type Hook

    Suspended coil volume is divided into C-shaped steel spreader, hydraulic spreader, automatic spreader bed volume, vertical coil spreader hoist, electric bed volume fixtures, electrical fixtures rotating bed volume. For lifting steel coil there are many kinds of hook For coil handling, coil...Read More

  • 30ton Crane Hook

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    30ton Crane Hook

    30ton crane hook 1 Application crane hook blocks is the most common hook device in the crane mechinary. Hook hangs on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism with the help of pulleys such parts. Hook is the most widely used among the load handling device. It has such characteristics as simple...Read More

  • Crane Lifting Beam

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    Crane Lifting Beam

    Crane Lifting Beam: Lifting heavy machinery and loads is a tough task but can be made easier by spreader beam. We supply adjustable and durable beam designs and spreader bars compliant with various international standards. They are reliable for loading or lifting loads including bundles,...Read More

  • Beam Lifter

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    Beam Lifter

    Quick Details: Product Name:customized simple manual beam lifter Color:Yellow Usage:Lift special beam Capacity:0.5-32t Certificates:ISO9001:2008 Warranty:12 Months SupplyAbility:60 Units/Month customized simple high quality manual beam lifter Packing Details:Standard packing or according to the...Read More

  • Industrial Beam Lift Pneumatic Tackles

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    Industrial Beam Lift Pneumatic Tackles

    industrial beam lift pneumatic tacklesRead More

  • Liftingbeam

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    liftingbeam Products and applications : Producting various kind s of lifting beam , lifting row , block , garb , etc, which are widely used in metallurgy , ship building , exlctric power , port and so on . The lifting appliance can be produced according to the customer's requirements .Read More

  • Vertical Lifting Clamp

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    Vertical Lifting Clamp

    vertical lifting clampRead More

  • Overhead Crane Beam

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    Overhead Crane Beam

    overhead crane beam Advantage single beam / double beam rail overhead crane 1. Low dead weight- computer optimization design box beam 2. The shell of hoisting motor is adopted to aluminum alloy, light weight, corrosion resisting (IP55), stable lifting and lower noise. Advance technology of VVVF...Read More

  • Automatic Open And Round Steel Lifting Gear

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    Automatic Open And Round Steel Lifting Gear

    Automatic open and round steel lifting gear USES: used for steel pipe, tube, cement, etc The maximum can be the pipe with a diameter of 320mm, round tube and so on Application: suitable for steel pipe and cement pipe Compact and light, with high strength The surface is fitted with special...Read More

  • Ultra-wear-resistant Steel Plate Lifting Tongs

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    Ultra-wear-resistant Steel Plate Lifting Tongs

    Ultra-wear-resistant steel plate lifting tongs Brand: HUABEI Model: round steel lifting gear Type: clamping device Process customization: yes Material: alloy steel Maximum load: 35T (Ton) Scope: hoisting equipment Specification: can be customized according to customer's requirement The main...Read More

  • Lift Beams

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    Lift Beams

    overview Lifting beam (including carrying beam and connecting cable) is a special beam lifting tool for hoisting. The beam hoisting gear can be hoisted by hoisting, its hoisting and installation process, simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy to use, safe and reliable...Read More

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