Crane Hook

  • Floating Crane Hook Assembly

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    Floating Crane Hook Assembly

    "Bridge haiyu", 500t hook assembly. Give you the best price, the most reliable quality. The most thoughtful service. For more details on the products of Floating crane hook assembly . pls contact: max@hbqzdg.comRead More

  • Bridge Crane Hook Assembly

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    Bridge Crane Hook Assembly

    For dalian Marine diesel engine plant 350t bridge crane. Reliable quality, welcome to buy. Contact me: max@hbqzdg.comRead More

  • Gantry Crane Hook Assembly

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    Gantry Crane Hook Assembly

    Used for Harbin power equipment co., LTD. 350t bridge crane. If you want to purchase best price Gantry crane hook assembly, pls contact me: max@hbqzdg.comRead More

  • Insulation Crane Hook Blocks

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    Insulation Crane Hook Blocks

    Insulation lifting hook assembly: adopt the three-stage insulation process, the insulation effect is good. If you want buy best price Insulation crane hook blocks, pls contact me: Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co., Ltd Address:No.12 Huabei Road changyuan Crane Industrial Zone Changyuan henan...Read More

  • C-hook Sling

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    C-hook Sling

    Type C hooks are widely used in steel mills, ports, factories, warehouses and other places. Force balance of C type hook need to give full consideration to hook up pulling force, coil weight and sling force of the role of gravity down, so steel roll force acting on the center of the coil,...Read More

  • Blank Crane Wheels

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    Blank Crane Wheels

    Day forging wheel is also called the driving wheel, wheel, wheel forging, is a kind of classification of forgings, commonly used material is 45 #, 60 #, 65 mn, 42 crmo, mainly used in port, gantry crane, gantry crane, and mining machinery, light rail vehicle applications.Read More

  • Port Swivel Crane Hook Blocks

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    Port Swivel Crane Hook Blocks

    The rotating hook group is widely used in ports, wharves, stations, and other places. The loading and unloading of ships and vehicle cargo in these places requires high loading and unloading efficiency to speed up the turnover of ships and vehicles; The factory bridge and shore bridge container...Read More

  • Laminated Hook Assembly

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    Laminated Hook Assembly

    The telescopic hook assembly is a hook assembly made of steel plate, which is assembled with a hook fork and a hook beam. It is widely used in metallurgy cranes and large tonnage lifting equipment. Hook body USES the steel plate liu after production has reliable security, but the total height of...Read More

  • Insulated And Explosion-proof Hooks

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    Insulated And Explosion-proof Hooks

    The insulated lifting hook assembly adopts the three-level insulation, which is the insulation of the hook body and the hook beam, the hook beam and the hook nut, the hook beam and the yoke plate. According to crane working environment requirements of explosion-proof explosion-proof hook...Read More

  • Electric Rotating Hook

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    Electric Rotating Hook

    The electric rotating hook assembly is assembled by a rotating mechanism on the basis of the ordinary hook assembly. The rotating mechanism is composed of transmission gear, motor and reducer. The rotary lifting material depends on the power, which has the advantages of convenient loading and...Read More

  • Bridge Portal Crane Hook Assembly

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    Bridge Portal Crane Hook Assembly

    Bridge gantry crane hook assembly has a normal hook assembly, electric rotary hook assembly, insulation, explosion-proof hook hook assembly assembly, fold type hook assembly, you can choose according to crane working environment and USES. The general assembly is assembled from the hook body,...Read More

  • European Crane Hook

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    European Crane Hook

    European hook assembly has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small size and light weight, which has been widely used in China in recent years.Read More

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