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  • Crane Hook Assembly With Safety Latch

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    Crane Hook Assembly With Safety Latch

    Crane Hook Blocks: Hook blocks, also called overhead crane block, crane bottom blocks or hoist block, they are below-the-hook crane lifting equipment. Mainly consisting of hook, movable pulley, roller shaft and bearing. We has numerous hook blocks in stock ranging from 5 ton to 180 ton.Please...Read More

  • Steel Wheels For Overhead Crane

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    Steel Wheels For Overhead Crane

    Introduction: Crane wheels can be produced a wide range of standard sizes(300mm-1250mm), configuration and surface finish condition.We maintain a large inventory of carbon and alloy steels to meet your specific needs. Purchase Method: To better serve you and determine your needs faster, please...Read More

  • 600t Floating Crane Hook Assembly

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    600t Floating Crane Hook Assembly

    600t Floating crane hook assembly Lifting hook The gold supplier - huabei crane hook, advanced production technology, strong, full range. huabei crane hook direct lifting hook Our company has been the supporting crawler crane hook assembly of sany heavy industry since 2008, and has been rated as...Read More

  • Crawler Crane Hook Assembly

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    Crawler Crane Hook Assembly

    Crawler crane hook assembly Lifting Machinery: Hook Series Eye-type Grapples Claw Grab Eye-type hooks Crochet hooks Eye-type hooks Claw angling hook with tongue G43/G70 eye hook Straight color cargo bar G70G43 Rotary hook G80 Eye grapple G80 Eye hooks Electroplating cargo hooks Original color...Read More

  • Single-edge Crane Wheel

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    Single-edge Crane Wheel

    Crane Wheels Generally, people mainly refer to foundry cranes, feeder-loading cranes, slab handling cranes, steel coil clamp cranes, disk cranes, and other bridge cranes that serve metallurgical plants with higher working levels. Due to changes in steelmaking, billet casting, and steel rolling...Read More

  • Missing Crane Wheel

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    Missing Crane Wheel

    Missing Crane Wheel As the key and important equipment for the safety and normal production of the metallurgical industry, the crane wheels are highly valued by people for their reliability, safety, and advancement. However, they are restricted by the traditional metallurgical process and are...Read More

  • 200 Tons Of Hook Assembly

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    200 Tons Of Hook Assembly

    200 tons of hook assembly Huabei lifting hook Focus on quality, put your safety first! huabei lifting hook, technological innovation, service in place, sales lead!Read More

  • 800 Tons Of Hook Assembly

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    800 Tons Of Hook Assembly

    800 tons of hook assembly Henan hook of lifting hook of north China co., LTD is a professional manufacturer, main products: 3.2 t - 2000 t lifting hook, below 250 # series of MMD type hook body, die forging crane wheels, rolling wheel, the die forging crane wheels with independent research and...Read More

  • 1250T Double Lifting Hook

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    1250T Double Lifting Hook

    1250T double lifting hook For the same 50 tons, the crane hook is much bigger than the crane hook. One. Look at hook body strength calculation method (part comes from the textbook hoisting machinery design class, I think the textbook is the problem that most clearly) hook body strength...Read More

  • Laminated Hook

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    Laminated Hook

    Fold type hook by several piece of cutting forming plates riveted together, individual crack of plate when the hook won't destroy, security is good, but the weight is bigger, mostly used in big lifting weight or lifting steel barrels of cranes.Read More

  • 500t Movable Pulley

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    500t Movable Pulley

    500 t hoist device production in 500, the application in water resources and hydropower engineering hydraulic machinery factory 5 500 t bridge crane, is used in hoisting device of sluices, this kind of product work in the underwater, multiple components require chrome plated treatment, prevent...Read More

  • Ladle Hook

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    Ladle Hook

    The "huaqiang" brand steel bag lifting gear (gantry hook sling, steel water bag lifting appliance, gantry hook hanging beam, ladle hook) has the following characteristics: 1. Exquisite materials, excellent production, safe and firm: the beam body is made of high quality low carbon...Read More

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