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  • Ramshorn Crane Hook

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    Ramshorn Crane Hook

    The hook is a common lifting device and an important part of lifting machinery. Its safety stability determines the safety in product operation. Therefore, the safety of the hook must be paid attention to, otherwise serious problems may occur. The assembly part of the hook shall be inspected at...Read More

  • Crane Hook Block Single Sheave

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    Crane Hook Block Single Sheave

    The lifting hook can be divided into two kinds: the forging hook and the board hook. The single hook is used for hoisting vehicles under 80T; The double hook is used for the roof crane of over 80T, the plate hook is made of many pieces of steel plate cut into the shape of the hook, and there is...Read More

  • Metal Crane Hook

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    Metal Crane Hook

    It is well known that hoisting machinery will use hooks when lifting various items. Actually, there are more types of hooks than we thought, among which there are single hooks and double hooks, we can also say that they are combined with different product chains for use. The following is to...Read More

  • Drop Forged Crane Lifting Hook

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    Drop Forged Crane Lifting Hook

    1. Hooks are usually equipped with safety latches to prevent the disengagement of lifting wire rope sling or chain ; 2. Hooks can be classified into single hook and double hooks according to the appearance; 3. Hooks are connected to the cranes and the weight of links, play a vital role, and must...Read More

  • 50 Ton Heavy Duty Crane Hook

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    50 Ton Heavy Duty Crane Hook

    Why Choose us? Customized solutions. Reliable, efficient and safe lifting equipment. High quality packaging. Installation and Assembly &Test Running. Professional training. Plenty of spare parts. Maintenance. Analysis and Suggestions. Intelligent crane design software. The experienced team...Read More

  • 20t Single Crane Hook

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    20t Single Crane Hook

    20t single crane hook: 1.steel hook is widely used for lifting appliance of crane is usually hanging under crane to lift mechanism by wire rope through pulley blocks and other parts. 2.The steel hook can be devided into single hook and dounble hook according to hook is made...Read More

  • Crane Safety Lifting Hooks With Safety Latch

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    Crane Safety Lifting Hooks With Safety Latch

    Discarded standard Crane Safety Lifting Hooks with Safety Latch appears one of the following circumstances shall be discarded: 1. crack. 2. dangerous section of the wear of the size of the original 10%. 3. is compared to the original size is increased by 10%. 4. hook body torsional deformation...Read More

  • 50t Heavy Crane Lift Hook

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    50t Heavy Crane Lift Hook

    1.We supply sincerity, efficient, professional, happiness service on pre-sale, in the sale, after-sale 2.Any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours. 3.High quality ,competitive&reasonable price, fast lead time. 4.Our products are direct from factory,there is no middle man,no high markup,so...Read More


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    With its reinforced saddle for firmer hookups, less wear and with its nearly round section to resist or bending. The LIFTING EYE CRANE HOOK is particularly suitable for back – hooking. with its reinforced saddle for firmer hookups, less wear and with its nearly round section to resist or...Read More

  • Warehouse Eot Crane Hook

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    Warehouse Eot Crane Hook

    Overview A lifting hook is a commonplace in the crane industry, with unique functions to grab objects. When selecting a hook for your crane, safety is often the most important consideration. This dictates that materials for hook-making should meet very high standards. Our lifting hook is made...Read More

  • Customized 10T Crane Lifting Hook

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    Customized 10T Crane Lifting Hook

    The most common kind of lifting gear in lifting machinery. Hooks are often suspended from the rope of the hoisting mechanism by means of components such as pulley blocks. Hooks are divided into single hooks and double hooks by shape. They are divided into forged hooks and laminated hooks by...Read More

  • Safety Lifting Hooks

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    Safety Lifting Hooks

    Order Notice of heavy crane hook: Pls kindly inform us the following details while you send the inquiry: 1.What is the lifting capacity? 2.What is the materials? 3.If you can provide the drawing,it is better. Service we can provide 1.Payment terms is flexible, 2.Design the crane according to...Read More

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