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  • Quality Spreader Beam and Lifting Beam

    Contact NowQuality Spreader Beam and Lifting BeamRead More

  • C Hook Lifting Device

    Contact NowC Hook Lifting DeviceSteel lifting hooks : ( C hook clamp ) - Equipment type: dismountable weight-handling fixture for hook fixing. - Equipment height shall be max. 3m. - weight-handling fixture shall have an 360o axial rotation mechanism. - Mechanism control shall be done from crane cabin. - Control mechanism power...Read More

  • Steel For Forging Crane Parts

    Contact NowSteel For Forging Crane PartsThe lifting hooks of the small and medium weight cranes are forged, and the lifting cranes of heavy cranes are made of steel plate rivets for sheet hooks. With the improvement of forging capacity, the current lifting of the weight of the crane hook is also used forging. Forged hook material...Read More

  • Adjustable Lifting Grab

    Contact NowAdjustable Lifting GrabProduct Description: Motorized leg drive maximizes the efficient handling of coils. Leg drive speed - 2.8” per second. Narrow aisle stacking maximizes coil storage floor space. Curved lifting pads for coil protection. High impact plastic toe rollers prevent lifter foot contact. Anti-clamp limit...Read More

  • Scissor Lifting Grabs

    Contact NowScissor Lifting GrabsScissor Lifting Grabs: Hoisting cold-rolled vertical coil; mainly used in loading/unloading cold-rolled vertical coil on/from bell-type annealing furnace. Product Features: 1. When hoisting vertical coil, two pairs of inner and outer tong legs move separately; inner legs support the inner wall...Read More

  • Crane C Hook

    Contact NowCrane C HookProduct Description: C hook is a crane spare part that is designed for lifting the coil.As its shape looks like the letter"C", so it is named as C hook.We will take response and provide technical support and repair the machine in whole lifetime. Classification: According to the section...Read More

  • Steel Coil Lifter

    Contact NowSteel Coil LifterProduct Introduction: Capacity of C hook for lifting coil: 3.2t-32t According to the section of the hook, C hook for lifting coil can be divided into structural formula, plate type and box grider type, According to the liner of the hooks’mouth, C hook for lifting coil can be divided into copper...Read More

  • Crane Spreader

    Contact NowCrane SpreaderThe Crane Spreader we produce are of reliable quality and reasonable price Crane weight ascension is main task, the use of crane and the safety factor of the sling when ascension weight can not less than 6, check the broken wire, wear and corrosion of the steel wire rope, in a timely manner to...Read More

  • Scissor Grab

    Contact NowScissor GrabIntroduction: Lifting clamps and spreader beams are often elements supplementing and extending the craning equipment handling capacities. Depending on the nature of the manufacturing process and appropriation of the crane, we shall suggest and help you to select an optimal solution in order to...Read More

  • Best Price Crane C Hook

    Contact NowBest Price Crane C HookRead More

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