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forged irons crane parts

  • Round Steel Clamp

    Contact NowRound Steel ClampApplication: used for horizontal lifting of steel plate, building and profile Made of high quality low carbon steel alloy steel The crane shall not be suspended during the hoisting operation Rated load refers to the hanging clamp used in pairs, lifting point is 60 ° Angle when the permissible...Read More

  • Pipe Lifting Clamp

    Contact NowPipe Lifting Clamppipe lifting clampRead More

  • 20t Electric Swivel Telescopic Clamp

    Contact Now20t Electric Swivel Telescopic Clamp20t electric swivel telescopic clamp The company produces all kinds of steel coil clamp, steel coil hoisting tools, 7 hook, easy to be rolled up, flip, etc., replacing the cumbersome of rope hoisting,Electric lie roll clamp is an ideal sling hoisting coil, especially suitable for fear of the...Read More

  • Electric Rotary Expansion Clamp

    Contact NowElectric Rotary Expansion ClampElectric lie roll clamp is to satisfy each big steel mill, ports, docks roll unit mass horizontal lifting of the object and requirements, according to the law of the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB/T50001 heavy machinery general technical conditions - 5000-15-1998,...Read More

  • Steel Coil Grabs and Coil Lifters

    Contact NowSteel Coil Grabs and Coil LiftersRead More

  • Electric Swivel Clamp

    Contact NowElectric Swivel ClampMaintenance of hoisting equipment 1. During the use of the hoisting device, if the rotating lock turns not flexible or in place, check the adjusting nut and check the following parts: A. The tension spring of the pawl is damaged. If damaged, it should be replaced. B. Whether the transmission...Read More

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