Lifting Equipments

  • Crane Spreader

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    Crane Spreader

    The Crane Spreader we produce are of reliable quality and reasonable price Crane weight ascension is main task, the use of crane and the safety factor of the sling when ascension weight can not less than 6, check the broken wire, wear and corrosion of the steel wire rope, in a timely manner to...Read More

  • Lift Beams

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    Lift Beams

    overview Lifting beam (including carrying beam and connecting cable) is a special beam lifting tool for hoisting. The beam hoisting gear can be hoisted by hoisting, its hoisting and installation process, simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation, easy to use, safe and reliable...Read More

  • Electric Swivel Clamp

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    Electric Swivel Clamp

    Maintenance of hoisting equipment 1. During the use of the hoisting device, if the rotating lock turns not flexible or in place, check the adjusting nut and check the following parts: A. The tension spring of the pawl is damaged. If damaged, it should be replaced. B. Whether the transmission...Read More

  • 100t Electric Swivel Beam With Laminated Hook

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    100t Electric Swivel Beam With Laminated Hook

    The hook group is the most common type of hoisting tool in lifting machinery. The hook is often hung on the wire rope of the hoisting mechanism by means of the pulley block. The hook is divided into single hook and double hook. The manufacturing method is divided into forged hooks and stacked...Read More

  • 20t Electric Swivel Telescopic Clamp

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    20t Electric Swivel Telescopic Clamp

    20t electric swivel telescopic clamp The company produces all kinds of steel coil clamp, steel coil hoisting tools, 7 hook, easy to be rolled up, flip, etc., replacing the cumbersome of rope hoisting,Electric lie roll clamp is an ideal sling hoisting coil, especially suitable for fear of the...Read More

  • 10t Electric Swivel Beam

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    10t Electric Swivel Beam

    Main hook: 13.5 KW Car: 0.8 KW x 2 Large car: 1.5kw x 2 or 2.2 x 2 Total power: 18.1KW or 19.5KW The quality of 10t electric swivel beam our company produted is reliable!Read More

  • Steel For Forging Crane Parts

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    Steel For Forging Crane Parts

    The lifting hooks of the small and medium weight cranes are forged, and the lifting cranes of heavy cranes are made of steel plate rivets for sheet hooks. With the improvement of forging capacity, the current lifting of the weight of the crane hook is also used forging. Forged hook material...Read More

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