Crane Wheels

  • Non-flange Crane Wheels

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    Non-flange Crane Wheels

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  • Single Flange Crane Wheel

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    Single Flange Crane Wheel

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  • Double Flange Crane Wheel

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    Double Flange Crane Wheel

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  • Forging Crane Wheels

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    Forging Crane Wheels

    Day forging wheel is also called the driving wheel, wheel, wheel forging, is a kind of classification of forgings, commonly used material is 45 #, 60 #, 65 mn, 42 crmo, mainly used in the gantry crane, bridge crane, and mining machinery, light rail vehicle applications. "China" brand...Read More

  • Forged Gantry Crane Travelling Wheels Steel Rail Trolley Wheels

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    Forged Gantry Crane Travelling Wheels Steel Rail Trolley Wheels

    Supply Hot Forging Gantry Crane Traveling Wheels Trolley wheel features: 1) Material: 60#,65#,65Mn,50SiMn,42CrMoA (according to client's requirement) 2) wheel diameter: Φ300-2300mm 3) Tread Hardness:300-380HB OR Trand surface and rim quench hardness: HRC45-55 Trand surface and rim quench...Read More

  • Custom Alloy Steel Wheels

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    Custom Alloy Steel Wheels

    custom alloy steel wheels are usually forged by forging. Small size custom alloy steel wheels forging is also made of forged steel, generally no less than 45 quality steel. Heavy custom alloy steel wheels are made of alloy steel, and some of the crane wheels are used to reduce the diameter of...Read More

  • Crane Wheels Forging

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    Crane Wheels Forging

    Crane Wheels Forging is the most critical component of Crane Wheels Forging block, mainly used in crane rail walking mechanism. The Crane Wheels Forging is used to support the crane and the load, and in the orbit the crane reciprocating the running device. Price problem: the Crane Wheels Forging...Read More

  • Crane Track Wheel

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    Crane Track Wheel

    Crane Track Wheel introduce The bearing support of the wheel group adopts the corner box structure, and the corner box is fastened to the bending plate on the trolley or the cart side. The structure can be used to adjust the wheels during maintenance, to ensure the wheel horizontal deflection...Read More

  • Crane Pulley Wheels

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    Crane Pulley Wheels

    Brand: sub-weight Name: passive wheel group Model: 350 * 100 Material: 55# cast steel Processing technology: quenching and processing overall quality Process customization: yes Wheel classification: single side wheel, bilateral wheel, horizontal wheel, unwheel, anti-roller Wheel composition:...Read More

  • Bridge Crane Wheels

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    Bridge Crane Wheels

    bridge crane wheels definition: bridge crane wheels and axle, bearing and bearing box, etc. bridge crane wheels set: wheels are used to support crane and load, and in orbit to make the crane reciprocating. The main damage of the wheel is wear, hardening laminate and pitting. The material of the...Read More

  • Alloy Steel Trolley Wheels

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    Alloy Steel Trolley Wheels

    Brand: HUABEI alloy steel trolley wheels Material: carbon steel + alloy steel + stainless steel, etc Process type: free forging + die forging + ring forging + grinding ring Material original form: cast ingot and billet Deformation temperature: hot forging Weight: 100-100 kg Subsequent...Read More

  • Mold Forged Crane Wheel Made In China

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    Mold Forged Crane Wheel Made In China

    Wheel forgings in the 80's, the general use of steel, in the production process due to casting in the pores, mixed, the quality of instability, security risks. In the continuous improvement, in the gradual change to forging, forging and then heat treatment organization refinement, surface...Read More

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